“Lamb” Tradition

With the advent of technology, all sorts of unintended and irrelevant information is available. When we set up our “Google Alerts” for the wines of Herb Lamb Vineyards, little did we think that almost every day we would get a new alert on our email – not for wine, but for recipes for “herbed lamb”? So many recipes, so little time. . .
When Herb was a boy in Napa, it was an agricultural community and he was a member of the local 4-H club as well as in the Napa FFA, where he raised, showed and sold sheep at the fair. (His favorite breed was the very short and stocky Southdown, for which he has been kidded for years – today the Southdown is considered old-fashioned and out-of-style.) When Herb and I married and moved to St. Helena, I volunteered to be the local 4-H sheep leader, (a fact that columnist Herb Caen at the San Francisco Chronicle noted in his infamous “Namephreaks” column), and we have raised, bred, slaughtered and cooked lamb ever since!

So it is only natural that we should continue the “Lamb” tradition of eating and cooking lamb a dozen ways. One of our favorite leg of lamb recipes to feed a crowd is the Herbed Leg of Lamb with Tapenade recipe from a local chef/winemaker, Maria Sinskey from Robert Sinskey Winery, as seen on Food Nation with Bobby Flay. With the abundance of citrus and herbs in our garden, it’s easy enough to add whatever is growing seasonally, or substitute our own cured olives for store-bought.