2015 Sauvignon Blanc Bottling

The art of bottling takes an expert team to master. It’s a fast-moving process that combines a watchful eye and masterful hands to coordinate, so we’re thankful to work with one of the best mobile bottling operations at a state of the art facility in the Napa Valley. We’re thrilled to say that our 2015 Two Old Dogs Sauvignon Blanc juice from Yountville’s Mello Vineyard is in-bottle, and off to rest for a few months before hitting your lips!

Our controversial Buttercream Bakery doughnut pairing continues with a just-off-the-line bottle!

We look forward to sharing the 2015 fruit-forward and summer-essential wine with you in the coming months. For now, we invite you to enjoy our 2014 Two Old Dogs Sauvignon Blanc while it lasts — click here to log in and shop our current releases!